Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yemen: President Defender of 26 people were killed including

Tuesday this week as president of Yemen abdrabah Mansour Hadi was taken over Immediately after the country's southern came in front of incidents of violence and nine people were killed.

According to the officials, a vehicle in South Yemen explosion of 26 people have been killed in.The blast in Yemen Province hzralmut mukula presidential palace outside the city air. However, those who died in the Republican elite, including a security guard.
A military official told the News Agency told AFP that the explosion was a pick up by a suicide attack in the car and was running. This explosion of Yemen Abdur Rab Mansoor Hadi of new president after taking oath is to come. Mansoor Hadi the president's post on Tuesday last week as a result of which was in 1971 in the country's southern came in front of incidents of violence and killed nine people.It should be noted that the former Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, the pressure in the country in protest his resignation from the post of president was.the last year. In Yemen during the protest demonstrations and Al-Qaeda extremists belonging to the South and East in Yemen strong hideout anxiety about.Television broadcast on a speech of Yemen in the new president has said that he will continue war against Al-Qaeda.He said 'not to restore security in the form of destruction in the country."There will be .
                                                                                  Welcomed US 

U.S. President Barack Obama praised Yemen's new president is sworn in and the country's "new beginning" is declared.He said that Yemen's democracy by America's steadfast ally in the transfer.By the Americans killed in car bombing in Yemen chbys people have expressed their condolences.Barak obama said 'The In Abdur Rab Hadi told the people of Yemen that their bright future for the country are for the continued its efforts in this regard and America is standing with the people of Yemen.,

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