Thursday, 16 February 2012

Honduras: 350 killed by fire, probed

American country of Honduras atyny a half in jail for fire death toll has reached three hundred.
Twenty-four hours later, the wounded and corpses out of the affected building is continuing.

 Lobo, president of Honduras prufyru Department officials suspended the jail, the 'unacceptable' fair and full investigation of the incident is declared.

Located in central Honduras kumygua area kuthryun deaths in prison, most prisoners were due to asphyxia and burns.Human rights organization Human Rights Watch said that the accident in Honduras prisons over capacity is the result of being held prisoner.
The organization blames the plight of the prisoners there were changes in the system is called.
Continental United States for the organization's director, said Jose myguyl uyuanku, the fact that Honduras has the highest murder rates in the world,Officers criminals in prisons, regardless of the state and the accused are to be filled.Hundreds of families are still seeking information about relatives gathered outside the prison.In the last hundred years the world's largest event of its kind and according to BBC correspondent bycyn persons outside the prison and are uncomfortable. 

Twenty-four hours after the fire also injured from prison and is continuing to bring out bodies,The farynzk fire officials are looking for.
Government of Honduras is a minister, told reporters that the fire was indeed deliberately placed,Whereas a failure in the power system as it is due.
Mr. Lobo said he found it to be bearers of destruction.He said that international observers gyrjanbdaranh under investigation will be made​​.Hundred kilometers north of the capital tygusygalpa kumygua fire Tuesday night in jail, was engaged in.He was subdued after an hour of struggle.
When the fire when more than eight hundred and fifty prisoners were in jail.Dozens of prisoners were killed and their bodies found in kuthryun were unable to detect.
Kumygua Jose Garcia, spokesman for the fire staff in the prison 'hell' scene was a bit uncomfortable and even unruly prisoners to escape flames.According to him, we did not have the keys so we could not throw them out,The guards could not find the keys they were having,A prisoner who was escaping from fire,He heard the cry of fire on the prisoners and everyone was there.
According to him, we can only do that so that we can get out of the ceiling began to break.
Other prisoners told investigators that a prisoner placed his gdy fire and then began running, we will all die here '.Prisons chief Daniel aurylana Department officials confirmed that two possibilities are examined.Speaking to Reuters news agency he said"We have two guesses. A fire that a prisoner placed his gdy,And the other is that the fire was caused by short circuit.
Honduras prison fire in the media even before there was strife
Head of the Department of kumygua farynzk mardar Lucy said Wednesday in prison for hiding three hundred people do not know.They argue that most of them are dead, but it is also possible,Some people were wounded and escaped.
After reports of fire in front of a large number of prisoners were collected on family site.They also clashed with the police and prison police firing into the air to prevent.
Honduras has the highest murder rates in the world,Most people are housed in prisons than there aremembers of gangs involved in criminal activities are also included .      


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