Monday, 27 February 2012

Failed war on terror?

As the world's peace and stability is at risk if a terrorist is. Although this time with a very strong anti-terrorism is being fought.America and the world's most powerful country is led by the war. That millions and billions of dollars are spent.The war is America's strongest ally Pakistan.So strong that in their areas where the hidden possibilities of terrorists.U.S. spy drone attack has given permission.And yet many people in the attacks, terrorists and civilians, have died.But not only in the tenure of Parvez Musharraf many suspected people.
The United States also has been. Still, it is becoming stronger than the specter of weakening.It has now become so powerful that it kunyn pnjy necks in other countries are Fixed. Against the terrorist elements are being, in spite of this, the threat of parasite as being just over seven terrorists in Spain is the proof of the arrest.The question arises why is that? Missing and where all operations are ineffective? The turmoil in the world to question the Wikileaks revelations have some light.It has been said that in the four terrorist organizations Pakistan Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Afghan Taliban and their allies Haqqani and Prince continue to support the group, and the United States is to the fund, why not give how they would continue to support the This will not help in Pakistan. The message of the former US Ambassador to momentary Peterson send their high officials. In addition to this, many messages, 17.5 million people through Pakistan's support terrorists know.There are also news that Pakistan fighting against terrorism for to help with some is part of help to the terrorist groups as also to go especially the terrorists active in Jammu and Kashmir to help and support of Pakistan.Pakistan has also repeated this the elements active in Kashmir the financial, moral and diplomatic will continue to help it. He says International forum and raised our voice of Kashmir on the cooperation with India is always to say that the government of Pakistan Army and intelligence agency, ISI terrorist The elements.In India, and to take action to give all possible cooperation. But this is more of the weight on the international level was. But now that the victim of the other countries also are becoming more, it now began to power is worth mentioning. It is anywhere in the world that there is no incident of terrorism has been tested and It is being headed by in Pakistan is able to terrorists who are caught in interrogation revealed that they have, or training on Pakistan's soil, or they are Pakistani or the training of the extremists. The latest example terrorists arrest in Spain. The seven people were caught in a Nigerian man and six Pakistani. He said the tourists in the passport and theft in the faulty tried to terrorists. So that they could be given to the terrible attacks on Mumbai are responsible for the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and One and a half months. This action in light of supervision. It has been many terrorists have been caught and of their any al-Qaida or has proved to be Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. These arrests has not only India but also to other parts of the world in concern is given. This is because it is a clear evidence that the Al-Qaida and Lashkar-e- Tayyaba as a terrorist groups have their activities have spread.Now the only India and Pakistan or Afghanistan are not limited to European countries but their murders objectives are open to us and the European countries against the actions of their activities are and effective steps to prevent are in the United States. After 9/11, a big terrorist incident.It was not. Similarly, in European countries also as no incident in Mumbai that was like. The reason is that the countries effective action against terrorism. India are taking strict actions also are being terrorists but on behalf of Pakistan's full support and sympathy of the steps taken by the successful Businessmen are not.Not only Pakistan its soil against India to use the entire out given on their own, but he is also the terrorist elements for the useful and helpful. For example, on the border in Kashmir to help the warriors. entered in India so that they be able to play their murders game still last.Days in Kashmir as a young man who was arrested from Pakistan in the form of a group of Indian Border was admitted in the rest of his colleague, Indian forces were also killed in encounter but the young man was held in front of the media. The agreement and admitted that the government of Pakistan to help those people. The details of the
How was told that he was admitted in India. How his colleagues were killed and how they were spared. This has raised on this conspiracy against India that Pakistan is being with the land of propension. It is not necessary that terrorism in Pakistan and India are the training camp of the Defense Minister of اینٹونی terrorism, according to at least 42 camps are now. Pakistan, India and other countries promise to take action against terrorism, and will be but it is yet to these camps or to stop them for the sack to not taken any step. The other international leaders also confirmed that Pakistan is active in the camp and terrorism by the Pakistan Action against terrorists will not break the backbone of becoming ill would not be easy.These facts of Wikileaks seen in the light of developments, then it will be clear that if Pakistan anti-terrorism a key ally of the United States in the war, but he is not included in the heart to heart if included in these camps, close to the whole world to humanity in the field of suicide to change are serious dream and the In connection with their activities.Wikileaks are already with the disclosure that India has been saying that Pakistan's allegation. They are contradictions in some and promised to the process and it is this. It has also frequently.The Pakistani rulers of terrorist ties. Mumbai successful attack only if they are not included in the government are involved in the important people in New York. The case in this connection has been established in the Pakistani Army and ISI officials and officers have been name. It means that if Pakistan sincerely wants that the sub-continent Pakistan and terrorism of the world be other countries also the giant rid effective action, it will be. It will be equality in allegation. However because it from terrorism is also considerable loss. Therefore, it should honestly they terrorism in war against terrorism so that the spectre of the world Peace has become a challenge for control and can be not only in Indian subcontinent world but also of other countries of humanity to the biggest enemy be rid.

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