Sunday, 19 February 2012

Egypt: presidential election delay in the history of

Egyptian President Husni Mubarak election commission the power of separation from one year despite the passage of elections help "go to the final date.

Two thousand February 11 In the 18-day protest after power with three decades on President Hosni Mubarak sect were separate from his post. President Mubarak's separation from power after the country's military council has been seized power and promised that after the end of parliamentary elections choose help "the stage will begin.
 It is expected that Egyptian election was being parliamentary elections after the completion of the election help "issued the schedule but will go to such election commission. Egyptian election commission official Farooq Sultan has indigo television channel that the stage election help "end of May will be completed before election commission.
The presidential official said wanted to take part in the election in March to deposit their papers will be presidential election. He said that the schedule will be announced.
Officials of the Election Commission has said that the final presidential election date because of delay in announcement of Egyptian citizens living outside of the country are about to go right to vote is being decided. He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the delay in the history of the presidential election.
Election Commission the presidential election in June of the history will announce but still Election Commission announced the schedule of the commission and has not been 'hope' official only by the presidential elections are completed till the end of May will be.
Presidential elections in the history of the delay that theirs is behind the powers to be handed over to representatives of the people.

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