Thursday, 23 February 2012

Statistical Center of Iran announced

New details of the economic growth rate.World economy-statistics center in Iran’s, a new report from the statistics of the national account, Iran’s economic growth rate in the past year by counting oil equal to 5 percent and without counting oil equal to 3 percent, while the numbers have been published that the president of the central bank about two months and a half ago economic growth in the year 89 (counting Oil), 5%
he said. The statistics issued by the Center of the number of Iranian crude oil and natural gas "that in the year negative 88 7/7 percent had been estimated, in the year 89 has been decreasing and the negative 4. The growth "industry", but the 5.6 percent in the 88 6 percent in the year 89.
Most of course, to change the process of building "growth returns to this part of the 15 percent in the 88 negative 6 percent in the year 89. per capita income every Iranian in the past year 6 million and 402 thousand Toomans equivalent to 6 thousand and 403 dollars has been announced.

Iran’s statistics center simultaneously with the report, statistics related to the unemployment rate this year's fall has also presented to the increase in unemployment rate to 8/11 percent.World economy - Z preacher: Iran Statistics Center reported in its latest national accounts statistics, Iran's economic growth rate (growth rate of gross domestic product, constant prices) in the past year, including the oil equivalent of 5/6 percent, excluding oil, equivalent to 3
offered. President of the Central Bank about two and a half months before the country's economic growth, including oil 5/5 per cent was different from the Statistical Center of Iran.Statistics released by the Statistical Center of Iran, part of "Agriculture" seventh order of the course from last year 7/6 per cent has fallen. Growth "of crude oil and natural gas" in the negative 88 7/7 percent was estimated at 89 years and negative 4 has also declined. Growth "industry" of 6/5 to 6 percent in 89 years reached 88 percent per year, which shows a slight increase. The "building" but it is a severe recession, the growth of this sector so that 88 years from 15 percent to negative 2/6 per cent in 89 years is reached. Meanwhile, growth in "real estate, renting and business services" of negative 9/2 percent in 88 years to 2/21% in 89 years has increased.Statistical Center of Iran's gross domestic product per capita (income per capita), the Iranian equivalent of 6 million and 402 thousand USD 6 403 thousand dollars has announced.According to the Statistical Center of Iran, the unemployment rate fall to 8/11 percent over the 7/0% compared to 1/11 the percentage is higher in summer. The unemployment rate in the country last fall, but 1/12 the percentage was estimated.
The official report of the Economic Growth Center 89Statistical Center of Iran, in his official report writes: In the 89 years the economic growth rate of oil equivalent with 5/6% and non-oil equivalent of 3/7 percent of the growth rate of 7/0 by the agricultural sector (including agriculture and horticulture activities, livestock, poultry, sericulture, apiculture, hunting, forestry and fishing), 2/1 by industry, 6/0 by transport and communications (including transport, water, air, transportation and support services Transportation, Post and Telecommunications) and 8/2 by real estate and business and the rest is supplied by other sectors.Growth compared with 22 selected countries around the worldhas. In this report, Singapore's economic growth rate of 5/14 percent, China 4/10 percent, Turkey 9%, India 8/8 percent and Malaysia 2/7% more than is Iran. According to the report in the absence of economic growth in Iran is equivalent to 5/6 percent economic growth, European countries including England, 8/1 percent, France 5/1 percent, Denmark 7/1 percent, Germany 7/3 percent, Spain negative 1 / 0 percent and Switzerland, 7/2 percent. also in other Southeast Asian countries, economic growth in China 4/10 percent, Singapore 5/14 percent, butter, 2/6 per cent, Indonesia, 1/6 per cent, Malaysia 2/7% and Japan 4 percent. Pakistan's economic growth in the region 1/4 percent, 9 percent in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, 8/3 percent, UAE, 4/1 percent, Afghanistan negative 7/7 percent and 2 percent of Kuwait. The economic growth of Canada 2/3 percent, 3 percent of America, India, 8/8 percent, 4 percent of Russia and Africa is 4%., According to the average world economic growth in 2010, four percent and 4 percent of the African continent is.Following the share of sectors in GDPCensus report adds: The share of agriculture in gross domestic product of 6/8 percent, mining and oil and natural gas, 5/16 percent, industry 13%, construction and electricity, gas and water supply 3/8 percent, wholesale, retail trade and repair of vehicles and goods 9/12 percent, transport and communications 5/7 percent, real estate business and 1/13 percent, Vasthgryhay fiscal third percent, education and health, 8/7 percent, services, Public Affairs , defense and social security 7/4 percent, other services, 1/3% and net taxes on imports 2/1 per cent has been declared. center for added growth in the agricultural sector (including agriculture and horticulture activities, livestock, poultry, breeding worms silk, honey bee, hunting, forestry and fishing) 1/7 percent, and agriculture and horticulture coarse 3/8 percent, livestock and poultry is 5%.In this report, 6% growth in industry and manufacturing subsectors motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailer 14%, non-metallic mineral products (including cement, etc.) 6/9 percent, basic metals (including steel and ... ) 9/8 percent, is announced. growth in transport and communications 6%, and the air transport sector, 2/12 percent, transportation 5/3 percent and 14 percent of Posts and Telecommunications. Growth in the mining sector (including mining and oil and natural gas), 4/1- and 5/7 percent.Meanwhile, the share of final demand components in GDP of 49% share of private final consumption, government final consumption share of 11 percent and 24 percent share of gross fixed capital formation.Per capita income of $ 6400.According to the Statistical Center of Iran, the country's gross domestic product, current prices in 1389 against 47 484 million is equivalent to 4,784,845 billion rials. 64 026 million rials per capita gross domestic product the equivalent of $ 6403 and the equivalent of $ 14 615 based on the PPP (international dollars) is.Unemployment to fall 90Statistical Center of Iran, also fall in the unemployment rate this year's report 8/11 percent said that the figure of 1/11 summer, 90 percent, equivalent to 7/0 percent has increased. The report also has an unemployment rate of men in the autumn of this year 1/10 and the female unemployment rate equal to 6/20 percent in urban areas and the rate of 8/12 and in rural areas 4/9 per cent has been announced.
Youth unemployment: 3/26 percent The rates for men, 8/22 and 727 thousand and 367 people unemployed and for the 8/45 and 260 thousand and 687 people are unemployed.Men in this age group 1/20 percent and women's 3/42 percent unemployment experienced in the autumn of this year. Share of agricultural employment in total 3-month fall of this year's 5/17 percent, equivalent to 3 million and 502 thousand and 122 employment share of industry people and also 2/34 percent, equivalent to 6 million and 855 thousand and 694 people have been announced.Employment share fall incomplete in 1/8 percent.The unemployment rate in the country last fall, 1/12 per cent stated that compared with 8/11 percent fall this year, 3/0 percent reduction shows. The economic participation rate of 9/37 percent last fall to 7/35 percent fall this year has decreased.
Provincial unemployment rate
The highest unemployment rate in the autumn of this year among the 31 provinces of Gilan with 9/18 percent, Fars, with 1/18 percent, Lorestan, with 8/17 percent, Ilam, with 7/15 percent, Khuzestan with 8/14% and in Kermanshah with 4 / 14% belongs. lowest unemployment rate in the country this fall as Golestan, with 8/4 percent belongs, then the unemployment rate in North Khorasan 2/6, Kerman, 9/6, Khorasan Razavi, 3/7, South Khorasan 8/9, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, 4/9, Qom ninth and Qazvin 3/8 and Zanjan with 5/9 percent belongs.

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