Sunday, 19 February 2012

Iran: Britain, France to stop selling of oil

Iran has Britain and France to stop selling of oil has announced. A. Iran's Oil Ministry official Ali Raza rahber attributed to a statement, said that Iran has France and Britain to stop selling of oil.

 The US sanctions on Iran after the decision of the European Union also first from July to buy oil from Iran announced.American and European countries to Iran forced to abandon nuclear program are trying to.
Iran has taken the stand that the acquisition of nuclear energy is the right and it will not give up its. Iran has said that he is trying to gain nuclear weapons.
 According to a spokesman of the Iranian oil ministry Iran 90.00 to oil his new buyers.Iran's decision on the economy of Britain, and France will not be any special as both countries already stingly Iran are buying oil.

 France its need only three percent of oil from Iran would purchase of Britain, while the purchase from Iran is less than before. The Iranian media also such news broadcast on that Iran was the European countries, Holland, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy also oil supply has stopped but the denial of the reports.
In Spain, and Greece are buying oil from Iran. The countries of European Union of Iran's oil production of 20% are buying.

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