Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Afghanistan: On burning Qur'an anti-American protests.

Afghanistan NATO forces in the capital of Kabul hands burned the Quran prescription to protest against the second day of at least two people were killed and 20 were injured. North Jalalabad protests in the city are being a Jalalabad told the BBC one is the one person was killed and 10 people were injured, one person was killed in Kabul, and 10 people were wounded.

The American Army Airport outside Kabul, the protesters gathered there on walking bullets were heard in Kabul. A police spokesman told the News Agency Associated Press that Kabul and Jalalabad on the road connecting to set up hundreds of people outside the military base and the area of the central highway are closed.

The demonstrators raised the Quran half  prescription. Death to America' are the slogans and threw stones at an American base. A 18-year-old youth Ajmal told the News Agency Reuters, said that if American like 'our contempt, we will also be included with the extremists.

In Kabul the BBC, according to the correspondent, at least four policemen have been injured., According to eye witnesses, Security guards fired in the air. There are some of the Taliban in the peoples raised slogans in favor of. On Tuesday, the American commander General John Allen Torkham posted at the airport of the NATO forces burned the hands of the Quran on prescription apologized.

The burned copies of the Quran ash and half scorched pages to local workers. On Tuesday, during the protest for the army to disperse the demonstrators, run rubber bullets to one person was injured while five people were taken in to custody.According to the information in the Quran for the occupation army because they were for the prisoners there for the message they are defeated. American defense minister lavin said that General Allen apologized to the Afghan people and is not acceptable to such incidents.

If American like our contempt, we will also be included with the extremists will beincluded in the demonstration youth."

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