Monday, 27 February 2012

The European Union further sanctions on Syria

Government action to crush protests in Syria, and Syria during the European Union have imposed further restrictions.British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the new sanctions imposed on Syria welcomed.

European Union's restrictions which freezing of assets in the close friends, and President Bashar international travel ban on.William Haigh said 'We in Syria finish the Arab League were made by the plan to support their colleagues of the European Union, will continue working with. 

The restrictions imposed by the European Union in anjmad assets and close associates of President bsaralasd include a ban on international travel.

William Hague said'the end of violence in Syria we Arab League were made by the support of the project of the European Union to his colleagues, for working with."will continue.Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh bin thani said 'huge international community of Syria for the help of the opposition which everything in which he is the need of the Defense for the arms supply to be included.,He said 'I think that they have armed their defense is the right of the people and we should help."every.Local coordination committee in Syria has said that in hims eightynine sixty-nine people were killed in which people were killed at a check post, however the claim could not confirmed from Independent sources.International Red Cross Committee and the affected area to evacuate the injured hms medical aid process is preserved.There are reports that the suburban district of hms immortal sage of the Red Cross, two journalists of western media has failed to remove safely.Red Cross says that the Two vehicles of the journalists for the affected area were reached in the government army siege of incidents of violence, however, due to the fore vehicles back empty handed.In addition to this, the Syrian army in the city 40 thousand population in Ken action is continuing.

Populate the city is controlled by the opposition,Apparently, the army opened fire on the civilian population and for martrz margrany aircraft guns used to.

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