Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mullah Omar's letter, real or fake?

The Taliban movement in Afghanistan and Pakistan, on behalf of the Mohammed Omar allegedly issued a statement in which he rushed debate on the motion until the completion of the talks and the reduction in activities to the citizens was not ordered to make discussion. The letter is genuine or fake.

The Afghan Taliban, 29 February on the web site to immediately this letter to the the Mohammad umar Mujahid apparently Mehr with interest the message in the annulment was today (on Tuesday) but the Taliban have also apparently after a long delay, this letter to the fake.

On Tuesday, the spokesman of the Pakistani Taliban movement apparently null and void Ahsan Ullah Ahsan received an e-mail in the fake letter to the American  propaganda  has been declared.

Although the Taliban ideologically Afghan Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar to recognize Amir, but the independent military operations. Due to the same analyst Pakistani Taliban's statement is exceptionally. E-mail in Afghanistan's 'Islamic wealth the deeds Hafiz Ullah to the Special office' report issued in the name of letter to journalists in the future to be aware that it is a fake.

Afghan Taliban spokesman resident got the message, according to the Americans, 'allegedly in Kabul and other provinces in the offices sealed in an envelope."distributed

There are some reports that the message of Taliban in Pakistan. Mullah Mohammad Omar, on this message about two months old history is also on But the observers doubt

Although some experts it is not ready to accept fake but Mullah Mohammad Omar, in year 2001 government after the collapse as a video, audio or written statement could not be confirmed that it is only. At different times of his various Taliban spokesperson issued messages and stand.The explanation from the Taliban because of their militants according to some of the people in that this impression is to Mullah Mohammad Omar if attacks are talking about the reduction in fighting, and he is from the Taliban Amir's statement on the Taliban is estimated.The Taliban denied formal also feel that he apparently of Qatar talks with the militants of any negative effect on the heart as soon as possible to remove.Initial indications that the Taliban are describing the talks are apparently on the complaint to some fighters to the annoyance of the two neighboring countries for the Taliban defined statements are forced to continue.

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