Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Australian foreign minister resigned from the post

The Australian foreign minister, Kevin rudd guesses of differences with the Prime Minister has resigned after. He announced his resignation American capital during a press conference in Washington. Before he met Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton.

Australia's recent weeks in the ruling Labour party leadership on the issue of tension is continuing.Julia Gillard. Kevin Rudd in 1000 of two thousand 10 dismantled the Prime Minister of the country after the children were Prime Minister.

During the regional leadership of suicide, Kevin Rudd dismissed from his post to the sounds of imprisonment which was that Kevin Rudd them to defend the failure in reaching a decision will be helpful.Australia on the TV channels direct broadcast during the press conference, Kevin Rudd said 'Reality is so that if I do not have the support of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, as foreign minister in its responsibilities. Therefore, I do not think that respectable way in that it is only resigned."I He did not Julia Gillard that they will challenge to the leadership but he has confirmed that he Brisbane next friday with the United States will go.
According to him, the present Prime Minister 'hiding' to attack not involved in the Prime Minister withdraw from the post in a reference, he said 'we all know that this time he was what was wrong and should not be again."The Kevin Rudd said that in the future to any announcement before family and their community would consult. He said that it is expected that the next week before the meeting of parliament will be able to do.

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