Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ban on Korean companies

The United Nations has imposed a ban on Korean companies
The United Nations has had the last month Pyongyang there would be the rocket failed in response to the experience of North Korea imposed on three companies.
The UN Security Council to ban the committee on Wednesday of these three companies assets and on international trade with the decision to ban approved of.
The United States and the Western countries North Korea bullet list to 40 companies wanted to However, China has stopped the resolution.The Committee to ban the three companies have blacklisted the pine green conglomerate, aymrugyng Development Banking Corporation and Korea are trading company name.The committee has said that these three companies to weapons and to provide investment for the export were involved in.The United States in the United Nations diplomat lily rice, in a statement Welcoming the decision, said that the drug North Korea's anger is serious reaction.He further isolate North Korea from steps that would be and had to Pyongyang there would be illegal programs will be difficult to advance.It should be noted that the West, Japan and South Korea, North Korea's black list to 40 companies to the resolution in the United Nations, the BBC correspondent basbra plate has said that due to opposition to the China it could not be possible. On the other hand, had Pyongyang there would be no comment on new sanctions.North Korea has criticized the international community on April 13 and despite long experience of the satellite rocket was experience but he failed.
Pyongyang there would be had says that the rocket in a vacuum artificial planets to be sent to criticize, but on the people to say that a missile with long range of experience of technology.

The United Nations resolutions on North Korea under the ban on such experiences.

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