Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Number of deaths in Syria worth 7500: The United Nations

A senior official of the United Nations has said that the last March Syria from the security forces in an operation against the rebel people about more than 7,500 reports of casualties.
The political affairs, United Nations Under Secretary General (vice) session, Pasko said that such a 'reliable news' are often in a day that civilian deaths also are exceeded.
In the evening of the human rights workers According to the government forces and the vicinity of hims of shelling in many residential areas in which dozens of people have been killed.Meanwhile, in hims army during the bombing of the British photographer Conner, Paul ran away and reached Lebanon.Conner, Paul joined the Sunday Times newspaper in Lebanon are safe.But French journalist and two of his colleagues about aydth buuyyr no idea where they are now.A group of 'human rights' voice of four journalists, according to together with hims journey but the convoy was the shelling as a result of which he was separate. voice says that the journalists tried to escape from hims.Syria about the killings in new statistics of the United Nations in the meeting of the security council.session. 'Pasko said that such a reliable information that are often in a day than 100 people are killed, including women and children."According to the government of Syria 'Armed groups and in clashes with terrorists' at least one thousand three hundred forty-five of the security forces personnel have been killed.

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