Monday, 20 February 2012

In Gujarat, fair six people were killed in a stampede, while distributing

In the Indian state of Gujarat a Hndwn tyhuar capital Shiv night with the fair price Nath held in the temple stampede in thirty six people were killed in the incident. According to the police, three women, two children and a mother was killed.

The incident happened in district Junagarh in which 20 other people were also injured. According to the information, some of the injured are in critical condition now. According to the police, a car in fair to the breakdown of the rumor stampede. capital Shiv Hndwn night is the holy festival in which the Bhagwan Shiv devotion. At night in the temple Shiv the ceremony for the hundreds of thousands of people were gathered.
In India, in this stampede during religious festivals, the incidents in which are hundreds of people every year. Two years ago, Gujarat in Rajkot in a temple of stampede incident in which was nine people were killed. bunch months ago, harayana state Sabre garland temple stampede in the same incident was in which more than 100 people were killed in November. In green door was during a religious festival in stampede killed 20 people.

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