Saturday, 25 February 2012

Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad, demolished the house

In Abbottabad, Pakistan of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's house is being demolished and according to the information, the building of the 75-percent been demolished.
Operation in the Khyber Pashtun kua subh local administration in the city of Abbottabad, Cantonment Board Building Department and the security forces.On May 2 last year by the American security forces in Abbottabad, were against Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida leader in the operation were killed and the control of the building after Pakistan's security forces.A police official said ybt the condition of anonymity, told that Saturday morning by the army officials of local police and the administration was informed that the residence of Osama Bin Laden will be demolished.Osama bin Laden's residence is located in the Bilal town that the cantonment area.The police official, in this regard According to police headquarters in the cantonment board and also. The police sources claimed that Osama bin Laden to the house demolition from the cantonment board machinery. Police said that before this operation of Osama bin Laden and all the routes to the nearby areas closed and was only to the people living in this area is allowed to go to.According to the police official, local time, after the sun set to house was demolished started. dark due to the search lights were used to the building after the demolition of the debris is also going to work.During the operation to the local police of Osama Bin Laden residence but was not posted near Mansehra, Dheri police officials to Peshawar and was called Al-Qaida and the leader of the house was appointed around..According to police officials, the second security forces and the siege of the civilian intelligence agencies officials after which the security forces were posted personnel.After receiving information about the event local and foreign media representatives of Abbottabad, toward the but till late at night in the majority of the Pakistan military academy is stopped.It may be recalled that may 2 last year after the operation to any civilians of Osama Bin Laden was not allowed to enter the investigation of the incident for the retired judge of the Supreme Court Javed Iqbal in the leadership of the members of the commission visited the building.

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