Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pentagon, killing two American officers in Kabul condemned

In the shooting deaths of two foreign nationals in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Interior
Afghan politics, United States of America

America's defense ministry with issuing a statement killed two American officer of the Afghan government military advisers have been condemned. Leon Peneta America's defense minister on Saturday morning that it was aware of it "unacceptable" is read.America's defense ministry to the general John Allen American commander of NATO forces based on the withdrawal of foreign aid from the international ministries in Kabul and support in the meantime the Afghan defense minister apologize for this incident in a telephone interview with Leon Peneta rationing. Penta Leon asked the Afghan government to support the coalition and act decisively to deal with violence in this country.The Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, according to reports sent to his American counterpart, Hamid Karzai, religious leaders, parliamentarians, senior judges and other senior officials of Afghanistan to achieve the same goal together.America's Defense Ministry also meets with Gen. John Allen, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, the Afghan Interior Ministry has announced.Following the killing of two of the interior ministry foreign advisors/Country Afghanistan in the precinct of the interior ministry, NATO, and British embassy in Kabul of all foreign citizens who as a consultant in the ministry of Afghanistan, have asked that his work has stopped and the ministry are out.John Allen, commander of NATO in Kabul said, this action has been taken to safeguard the lives of employees.Great Britain's embassy in Kabul has announced that all those forces as coach Afghan security or as an advisor to the government's work, is called.With all these envisaged Jonathan Blake BBC reporter says perhaps military forces withdraw from the ministries of Afghanistan in the short term to protect them against the attacks effective but it is unlikely to America's goal for the transfer of power and quiet exit from Afghanistan until the year A. D. 2014 much help.On Saturday 25 February, two American officer and military advisers state ministry of Afghanistan Ministry building houses suspected of the most secure buildings in Kabul were killed by bullet.Afghan interior ministry has announced that the investigation in this case....

An informed source in Afghan interior ministry who declined to give his name,  two foreign citizens in that part of the complex of the interior ministry have been killed that totally under control are American and Afghan forces allowed to traffic in there.Meanwhile, the Taliban issued a statement saying that this attack on one of the "Fadaiyan" This Group And the answer is to burn the Koran in Bagram airbase.The Taliban announcement that four people were killed in the attack, all of whom were American.

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