Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cold wave, 40 children were killed in Kabul

In the last one in the decade due to severe cold wave 40 children have been killed.

Most children who died in the camps Kabul city were fighting in the Taliban and NATO forces due to the Immigration and for those who have been set up.

At the very least temperature in children from cold appropriate facilities for the chilled due to some. Now to help these camps are being in cold weather. However, the refugees living in tents for the help of Afghan Government of severe criticism on slow steps.
In the Kabul city around 40 tent villages are present in Kabul. The BBC correspondent says that the burden snow tant verging are severe cold and many children are freezing without a roof over their heads in most of them children suffering from fever and breathing in distress.

The government Minister for Refugees, 'I was very sorry, especially with the children of Afghanistan. They are Future., An independent Afghan Member of Parliament has said that 'irresponsible behavior is common every year and it is being criticized., government institutions, he said. 'All of this was due to lack of planning is in front of the natural disasters. We are proved to be useless.,
According to the welfare organization save the children in the beginning of the current week due to cold wave 28 children were killed. Cold Weather in Children affected by the most children under five years of age are in danger due to the severe cold.

The spokesman of the organization had said that 'severe cold with Kabul with the North and Central Afghanistan was badly. Here are already many children lack of food and prices of unduly weak. We also fear that after the ice malte anywhere in these camps flood."not

Organization in Kabul Two thousand more plastic also shares and for the children blankets.

organization in Afghanistan, Director Bob Grybmn said 'here is cold and cruel and small children to avoid the goods is not available. But some children without the fuel, food, warm clothes and shoes to the valid

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