Saturday, 18 February 2012

Israeli concerns over Iran's nuclear capabilityIsraeli concerns over Iran's nuclear capability

One cold morning in Jerusalem, Israel's Holocaust Memorial, U.S. General Martin dympsy Central Hall of Remembrance 'anomalous' are entered. 
As soon as they enter the gates are,In honor of Holocaust victims as they symbolically take off his military cap and will wear the Jewish hat.
A minute later he said to them is wearing his military cap can ,He quickly removed his hat and Jewish soldiers will wear the hat.He then paid tribute to the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust.An entry in his office in Tel Aviv, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shalom said salon 'I believe Iran to the Persian Empire is the desire to get back.And ice control in the Middle East and wants to fulfill this wish.Some Israeli officials believe Iran is really making a nuclear bomb but does not agree with the Pentagon.The U.S. defense secretary, Leon pnyta Voicing an entry given CBS News said, "What Iran's nuclear weapons digging?No! But we know that he is trying to build nuclear program. And we care about.We have set a limit for Iran nuclear weapons that were not. "Israel's army chief Lieutenant General Benny gantz recently warned that the NREGA was about two thousand are ready for Iran unusual circumstances.Just a few days after warning Tehran unknown persons riding on a motorcycle killed was a senior scientist.Israel alleges that Iran hid its nuclear program is opposition. Israeli officials have been silent on the Iranian side.But in the last few months by Israel against Iran to open krfujy pratny process is discussed Arayyun considered that the Government have started feeling the need to stop.Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the eighteen 'All things are still far.'Israel is not the same in every person and every observer believes that such a threat to Israel is Iran.He is a dangerous country, but Iran is not dangerous for us. Israel is very far. "Iran's nuclear weapons are coming down, what happens?In response, he says, 'Nothing, nothing, nothing will happen. "Iran says nuclear power in the Middle East peace can be helpful.Because nuclear weapons during the Cold War between the States and the Soviet Union was not.But Israel's military strategy in the military division of the former head of the mysyl hrzug not at talk."During the Cold War were the two countries on this matter was extremely sensitive.What is his to lose,And most importantly, it was an open line of communication between them. '
Israel considers Iran a threat to its nuclear program but Israel has a strong army?In response, Israel's deputy prime minister said: "The only problem you have with our friends.The Western imagination. Middle East, people think in different ways.Here is what you seem illogical for people to be true. '

Iran has nuclear weapons, digging? "

No! But we know that he is trying to build nuclear program. And we care about.We have set a limit for Iran nuclear weapon that was not made. "

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