Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Forty-mega pixels of Nokia Mobile Phones

Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in the opening forty-mega pixels Nokia smart phone is kept for exhibition.Forty-mega pixels camera of this mobile phone features the ability to pull in a Faint Light is the best pictureWhich has been designed such that users can share their images.

He is hopeful that Nokia mobile phone in the world of food bdellium and loss to point out again after the field can be successful in win.Some critics, however, only Nokia's own operating stsm 'smbyyn, has criticized the use.The other Nokia mobile phone Microsoft windows software on the phone can be run.Nineteen hundred and ninety smbyyn first time in the NREGA was introduced.Tony krps ​​analysts said Nokia's new operating system can puryuyu ballet is eight zero eight smbyyn.Nokia's executive vice president who says harley 'attention will inevitably be forty-mega pixels on the phone.'

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