Sunday, 19 February 2012

Iran can increase in nuclear capabilities.

A diplomat from TV them told BBC that Iran Qum underground nuclear plant near the city of the expansion.

Diplomats said that apparently thousands of modern Sntyfyuj Iran to installation of the enrichment of uranium can be increased speed of the production of energy and nuclear weapons, it is necessary for the two.
The supervisor of the nuclear issues amid corporation, the IAEA has a statement about the officials of the organization. The same Tehran on Saturday for talks last month. The officials to visit a few nuclear scientists and were not allowed to meet.
it is a sign that Iran is in its disputed nuclear program despite international pressure and the sanctions expansion. The energy production of nuclear weapons and it is necessary for the two.
Three days ago, Iran had made it clear that they have complicated nuclear capability is present in the enrichment of uranium to faster the construction of Sntyfyuj is also disclosed that in the background of Iran's nuclear program about the severe strain in recent days. The following are some important incidents:
1 - On Saturday, the British Foreign Minister William Hague warned in a statement that Iran's nuclear program in the Middle East can begin a new cold war. The only Israel in the area of dubiousness of nuclear weapons.
- Iranian war ship 1000 revolution of 1969 only after the second time in Bhrayy Rome entered Iran. The head of the navy to introduce Habibullah planetary the Iranian news agency, R. N. A. told that the power of the phase of Israel and 'for' message of peace.
4 - Israel has alleged that India, Thailand and Israeli embassies in Georgia behind the attack on Iran. Iran has denied the charges.
Western countries on Tehran's nuclear program in connection with the enrichment of uranium and talks to prevent pressure Iran, while it has said that their interests, to work for full rights.
The United Nations, and strict restrictions on behalf of the Western countries in which Iran's oil and financial industry, has been targeted Iran to stop uranium enrichment program could not forced Iran. However, the security concerns their transferred to a few nuclear installations under the earth.
On the other hand in international media a growing prediction that Israel is an attack on Iran's nuclear program will be coordinated.
News Agency Saturday, according to the AFP, the Chief of the Israeli army general human Lftynnt gantz State TV that any attack will take the decision themselves and their own Israel person.
The US National Security Advisor stewardship Dunyln where he arrived in Israel on many issues with Israeli government will in the matter of Iran will also come under discussion.

Iran and Western countries,

that is the position of tension Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and is suspected of western countries that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons.

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