Saturday, 25 February 2012

Khyber agency market collapse: Four killed.

Pakistan's tribal area According to the officials, in the Khyber agency market collapsed on a house Four persons, including three children were killed and two injured in the Khyber agency. The political administration officer of the BBC correspondent Dlawar khan minister that the mid night on Friday and Saturday Tehsil infield from market in the area three kilometers south Akakhial Muhammad Ali Zakha Khel, unknown direction on the house mortar Shell fell in As a result of which four persons, including three children were killed and two injured.

He said that those who were killed in Muhammad Ali's wife, two daughters and a son.

According to official, a daughter of Mohammad Ali of 10 years old, on the other three, one year of his son Mohammad Ali, while the injured included two nephews. According to the official, local political administration of Shell house collapsed in the two rooms were destroyed completely and dead bodies were buried under the debris, he said that

the local people dead bodies from the debris and the injured out to a private hospital and the injured have been shifted to.It should be remembered that the Khyber agency Tehsil infield in the last two years unannounced action against extremists. As a result of which dozens of security forces in addition to the officials civilians have also targeted.

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