Sunday, 19 February 2012

The trial of 32 people accused in the biggest financial scandal in Iran

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News "Erna" Wednesday that 32 people suspected of involvement in a scam involving bank billions and alleged links with the Government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brought to trial in Tehran.
The case of massive fraud alleged use of company managers Amir Mansour "Arya" forged documents to secure loans of approximately 2.6 billion dollars for the purchase of State-owned companies based on draft government privatization. And involved seven banks in the scandal that began in 2007 has been disclosed only in September last year.
"Erna" enumerated defendants appeared Wednesday before a revolutionary court in Tehran with their lawyers at the press was allowed to attend.
He said Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari dowlatabadi and is followed by an indictment in 200 pages: "activities of company Amir Mansour (Khosravi) example of an organized gang had undermined the economic security of society". And the main suspect is mAh avarin Amir Khosravi, who faces charges of "corruption on Earth" and punishable by death.
Quoting the Prosecutor: "If family members live a modest lifestyle Khosravi, but several years ago decided to obtain loans. In order to speed up the process built relationships with some of the executives and politicians, began to offer bribes. "
President Ahmadinejad rejected accusations from opponents hardcore that lkhesroi links to head office chair asavndiar Rahim mshaei.
The prosecution alleged that the gang had undermined the economic security of society through massive pay bribes to government officials and bankers in order to facilitate access to loans and illegal accumulation of wealth.
The names of the other accused were not published, but during the meeting to countrymen dowlatabadi Khosravi four involved in the fraud. And also accusations to Mahmoud Reza khauri, former President of the Bank of "billion" who fled to Canada after the scandal uncovered last year.
It is likely that this trial will be a power struggle between Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who appeared in public last year.
After the hassle would isolate the Intelligence Minister, launching the Conservatives loyal to Khamenei campaign to intimidate President arrest aide and accused of defying the authority of the leader. They accuse Rahim mshaei published "stream oblique" in the Presidency by trying to discredit the Islamic Iran and undermine the personal role of the clergy.
According to its website, Amir Mansur investment company owns 20 companies around Iran ranging from companies to produce steel and for the production of foodstuffs. The Government quoted the company's assets valued at four billion dollars to acquire.

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