Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The foreign minister in a press conference with his Omani counterpart.,Asked for the best relations with Europe.

The political-Sadeq barber foreign minister yesterday at a news conference with Yoosef bin alvi Melyukovka Omani counterpart: Iran called for the best relations with the European Union in Europe. Ali Akbar Salehi in response to the reporter's question based on improving the relations between Iran and European countries and said several times that our policy we have announced that the Islamic Republic based on the development and expansion of relations with all countries in the world except the Zionist regime.

The foreign minister stating that relations between Iran and Europe Although in some periods witness and the happier, but the old relations, he stated: unfortunately the European Union in recent years has bestowed on Mazhar policies followed us and we are sorry about this issue and we believe that the European Union should be independent policies and surrenders her complaisant follow you.

Also Yoosef bin alvi, foreign minister of Oman in response to another question regarding the recent trip to the Vice President to Oman, The trip as an opportunity very good and important continued to exchange ideas and consultations between the two countries and said: Among the issues that in this trip was put forward the gas export to Oman, and we are very interested in the actualization of this issue.

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