Sunday, 19 February 2012

Eight volunteers: Khyber agency and two extremist killed.

Pakistan's tribal area during the operation in the Khyber agency peace Lashkar, according to the officials, eight volunteers and two extremists have been killed.

In the incident of the peace force were also injured six volunteers.Officials say the extremists a nation of peace army attacked on the bunkers had redoubt. This situation with the name of police station.
Officials said the peace force volunteers of bunkers for control of security personnel retaliated with bunkers again on the extremists but the bunkers have escaped in a homemade bomb exploded, which had eight volunteers were killed and six were injured.Officials said two extremist in the clash were also killed. The injured have been transferred to a nearby hospital in critical condit of twoion.Khyber agency at different places of the security forces operation day is usually received reports of casualties.

Yesterday in Teerah Valley sandar extremists at the location of 17 extremists in a clash with security forces, four policemen and three peace army volunteers were killed

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