Monday, 20 February 2012

'Osama ever'was not met, Omar Patek

Two thousand, two in Bali blasts the age of the master mind considered Patek says that he never during his stay in Pakistan of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden be,

According to the video in which aPatek age is being investigated by Omar said that 'In Abbottabad, establishment of these two back time."Only a consensus.
Umar Patek Bali attacks against 200 people in the death of Indonesia in the city is being tried in Jakarta. UmarPatek is believed that the Al-Qaida-linked militants of the Islamic group unanimous in important members.
Umar Patek of the lawyer also said that 'Umar Patek and Osama bin Laden in only one period in Abbottabad, just a stay was agreed.,
The lawyer-ud-Din Htjany said, according to the plan to go to Afghanistan was never the intention to meet Osama bin Laden."not
Pytk age to 11 January 2000, Pakistan was arrested from Abbottabad, where after a US During the operation, Osama bin Laden who were killed. Umar Patek murder on the plan, bomb-making, and possession of illegal arms charges. Some of them are on the death sentence.
On Monday, the lawyer of the murder Alzat objection on the attacks said his client is involved in the planning.
 Hearing of the case against Omar Patek started last week and this four months is expected to be issued, on the other hand

the prosecution has said that his attempt will be that the accused to be more and more death. However, some experts say that OmarPatek proved to life imprisonment in the case of could be.

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