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May become displaced from Syria

May become displaced from Syria as refugees in Lebanon?
Jumblatt "daylight": let us open them our homes if necessary

Monitor political and security contacts several displaced Syrians to flow both ways Lebanon legitimacy of transatlantic crossings through official or commonly used corridors for smuggling goods away from the eye's attention. Smugglers by opponents to the Syrian regime, and I got a good Setup to Wadi Khaled in Akkar, as well as groups of families to Tripoli, and there are instances of the Shiite community settled in the towns of Hermel, and each causes to leave their homes and their homes since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria and battles and confrontations.
The authorities in Damascus two weeks ago reported to supervisors to crossings Lebanon not to allow the women and children to enter Lebanese territory only after obtaining special permits. The security services noted in Lebanon Syrian leadership procedures, note that the political forces in the North, especially in opposition to the majority group and the Government of President Najib Mikati welcomes displaced Syrians and offer them assistance with securing housing, clothing and foodstuffs. As well as making "Jemaah Islamiyah" banner efforts in this area, while the only other Islamic movements with Syrian victory through Friday sermons and fill and burning pictures of President Bashar Al-Assad and Iranian flag in Tripoli.
In the South it ceased political points when rising numbers of Syrians displaced in recent months from several provinces and deployed in residential pools, especially in the locality of consequence in the Zahrani and other towns in this region, which operate in the underlying waves boasts of Syrian workers and families as well as work in other occupations, such as the construction sector.
And flying in preparation of their modest pictures of Assad, while other families tend to Syrian opposition, particularly "brotherhood". Inhabit in groups of bar in tents and southern orchards Zahrani.
Southern contacts reveal to follow for an-Nahar that "God alone knows the real political whims of these, whether with rules or against it. There are workers employed in border towns south of beneficiaries or olive harvest tobacco cultivation, they are subject to formal security surveillance and partisan.
And get the same thing in the southern suburbs.
Draws the same speaking actors for "daylight" need to check the numbers of displaced Syrians. And remember that "avrkaa the opposition who people are shedding cheerful tears over these today he is racist" after the assassination of the martyr leader Rafik Hariri on 14 February 2005. It adds that the members of these families receive acceptable wages relative to financial income in their country, but implied in contrast to fear becoming Tsz camps without setting a timetable, particularly with the escalation of events in a number of Syrian governorates.
These cautions high-level transformation displaced refugees in Lebanon both continued the Assad regime or change it. In the second case will prepare them for fear of reactions or doctrinal ushered in teeth massacres before everyone from Homs countryside to other regions collection alkhwat became the theatre and imposed on the hands of gangs demanding owners thar old with all irrelevant to the regime.
These data on displaced Syrians have not lost sight of the lights were out connections recently between a number of references in the strong 8 and 14 March, though the parties did not meet at a glance to Syrian events. It is publicly warned of a "Syrian camps."
And about this meeting humanitarian-political chief calls for "national struggle front" Deputy Walid Jumblatt to "give all guarantees and social assistance to displaced persons, whatever their number". "Daytime shows:" before Hall massacre and size, carried Syrian Army brigades against people, crime not Lebanon required duties ".
And he adds: "the Syrians have opened their homes and homes for the displaced Lebanese in the aggression of July 2006. If expand schools and institutions, to accommodate these displaced people in Lebanese territory, let us open them our homes if necessary, and we offer them health and social assistance ".
In the context of pursuing the issue and deal exits, there are some questions people in the corridors of the offices of a number of politicians of the type "If regime change in Syria, what will happen to the large numbers of displaced persons, and in Lebanon, and at least in the South? And how he will deal with them folks audience resistance if they sensed that the Syrian workers eMule to new rulers of Damascus if he succeeded in the reins? And what will be a reflection of this development on Lebanon in a sea of sunken originally crises and problems

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