Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jalalabad suicide attack at the airport, 6 killed

The Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan at the airport in a suicide car bomb attack at least six people were killed.According to the police, the main door airport in this attack on many people are seriously injured.
Afghan Taliban have responsibility for the attack.In Kabul Torkham located at the airport of NATO officials to burned against the Qur'an by all over Afghanistan many days in bloody protest is continuing.
Meanwhile, Afghan officials are still looking for the five-year-old Afghan police officers are accused of.The Interior Ministry said Saturday that NATO within the amat gukyan killing two officers killed.Afghan officials say the name of the person is a resident of abdalsbur and Parwan province.NATO officials say the number has not appeared yet However, it is said that it was U.S. Army Colonel and Major.There are reports that NATO and the officers of the firing from very close in Kabul when they most security to a safe in the buildings were present in the room.After the attack of Afghanistan NATO all their official ministries back on Sunday was for France and Germany have also represented the United States and Britain, its citizen of Afghanistan from government offices to staff was withdrawn.
 The Quran on fire incident spread against the heat to stop the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai on his people appeal to peace.
On Sunday, in a speech on television Hamid Karzai has stressed on the Quran burned condemned However, he said 'We have expressed their feelings and now is the time be restful.

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