Saturday, 18 February 2012

Turkish officers arrested recently and acknowledged the cooperation with Mossad

Turkish officers arrested recently and acknowledged the cooperation with Mossad
Syrian Baath newspaper reported that seven Turkish officers arrested in Syrian territory, and confessed to receiving training in "Tel Aviv" under the supervision of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to carry out terrorist operations in Syria.

Quoting Iranian press sources that confessions officers revealed receiving drills in Mossad bases in occupied Palestinian terrorist operations to destabilize security in Syria before entering it, and refer such confessions to contact these officers with some parties in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
And one of these officers was disclosed confidential information to end about Mossad activity in Turkey and Syria and some Arabic countries, where admitted there were intelligence team composed of members trained by the Mossad had entered Syrian territory and driving armed groups that called itself "free army."
 The officer said in his confession that the Mossad sent a team of expert professionals in assassinations to Jordanian territory, in coordination with the Jordanian intelligence to train members of Al-Qaida coming from Libya and sent to Syria, to fight against the Syrian army, and complicate things in the country through the implementation of specific murders and bombings of places especially in the cities of Syria " 
Newspaper-according to these confessions. Turkey was involved in dealing with Israel sending officers to the occupied territories for training on implementing subversive and terrorist and transferred to the Syrian territory, and therefore rejected by Damascus to negotiate with Turkey Envoy on fire officers.
She noted that Syria put conditions on this matter, the extradition Syrians and elements of terrorist groups that called itself "free army" and who had fled to Turkey and became agents of the opposition abroad, Turkey's commitment to the non-weaponization of subversive and terrorist gangs in controlling its borders with Syria and Syria to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements into Syrian territory, and Iran party sponsor of this consensus.
 She explained that Damascus raised these conditions but the West and Arabic prevented some States from accepting the Turkish Government, the Iranian press sources said Syria has not published details of the confessions of those officers so far because of distinctive historical relations with Turkey, and followed: this valuable intelligence treasure confessions Syria, this is what worries the Turkish leadership of the disclosure of this information.

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