Monday, 20 February 2012

The Officer-Alqan patient hospitals

The Officer-Alqan patient hospitals Vmtrqh trapped between the Government of
the General Assembly decides tomorrow to stop receiving the patients with the exception of emergency situations.

The problem of dues to the hospitals to security and the Ministry of Health and military organs similar to a large extent the story of (the oil jug). Every time lifts hospitals voice through stopping the patients, the Government to a partial solution to lead to its return on its decision, and so forth... Each time the patient is' scapegoat' holocaust.
But this time there are about 25 thousand employees would be harmed as a result of the inability of the hospitals to increase their wages owing to the freezing of receivables that approximately 1,000 billion lire to the security and the Ministry of Health and military organs and cooperative staff.
This fact will pay hospitals to raise the voice again through a decision taken by the General Assembly tomorrow to stop patients receiving these actors (except for emergency cases), in a position would not back down on him before to write a happy end to this series continued.
The decision taken by the syndicate did not come from a vacuum, but came after books received by the Association of hospital about 90 out of 110 registered in the syndicate, in which it confirmed it would depend on receiving the patients if not increase a tariff.

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