Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Race riots in Libya, killing dozens

Libya Alkufara city in the Arab and African generation groups continued in the last 10 days in the fighting in a large number of people have been killed.Twelve hundred miles distant from the capital Tripoli alkfra Angles Arab tribes and African tribes in the last ten days sylrayy tybu continues.

Colonel Qaddafi of Libya after the end of the interim government to control Armed groups are in different parts of the country and different group set up on their own in the effort to control are busy.According to reports, the Alkufara Arab tribe in fighting taybu African tribe. taybu tribe is to show that old Gaddafi of subjecting from right. Libya's military chief Yusuf told the News Agency Reuters that alkufara away in days ago but the cause was ethnic violence on Monday, then division.

He said that if alkufara fighting in is not closed, then would be sent to government forces. Last week the Human Rights Organization Amnesty International armed militia danger for the stability of the country.

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