Sunday, 19 February 2012

America follows from above ... And Iran guard «Tartus»

Capitals-agencies-Dr. p. a. warned «Le Monde» French independent Syria shift on to the arena for competing international power struggle.

The newspaper blamed Russia and China is responsible for the continuing violence in Syria because of their support for the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad saying that Moscow and Beijing presented to Assad regime diplomatically unlimited support since the beginning of the conflict. the newspaper said Russian and Chinese support for Damascus which prevented forcing Assad to step down from power in Syria.

She said that Moscow and Beijing have created the situation since they mainly seek to avoid the internationalization of the conflict which would prevent uncontrolled Syria today as about Lebanon on Friday to arena for competing international power struggle in the Middle East.

The NBC said that «significant number» US aircraft and drone intelligence work over Syria to follow attacks by opposition and Syria forces on civilians.

Quoting us officials in the defence requested anonymity, as saying that flights by these aircraft drone did not constitute a military intervention preparation.

At the same time, the Iranian Navy commander Admiral Habibollah sayyari said two warships crossing Suez Canal Iran to the Mediterranean.

Sayyari said that Iranian eighteenth fleet played a second trip through the Suez Canal since the Iranian revolution in 1979, Iran's Fars news agency reported.

Recalled that the eighteenth fleet consisting of Iranian warship «outside» and «destroyer» critics martyr sayyari «fleet carries a message of peace and friendship of the region demonstrates the strength of Islamic Republic».

Airport sources said two warships arrived in the port of Tartous Iran Syria, after crossing the Suez Canal.

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