Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Osama bin Laden to a few officers' presence.

Strytfur Wikileaks US think tank on the publication of the e-No responsibility According to the 9500 Pakistani army officers to the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden's situated in Abbottabad, know the compound.
This is the think tank strytfur alleged e-No responsibility has been in the Wikileaks were given.The computer was hacked in December last tank.Strytfur said he would not comment on whether or not emails are authentic.The Pakistan government and Pakistani military has denied that Osama bin Laden was aware of its presence in Abbottabad.Wikileaks were published on the e-No responsibility Strytfur According to the senior official wrote in his e-mail to friends from 9500 'ISI chief and army officers including a retired army general.It has been said that e-mail in the name of the soldiers are not known and assumption that the United States, but it may have the information.

in the alleged e-mail it has been said that about 12 officers to know the presence of Osama Bin Laden. However,E-mail in the information he has been allegedly these documents have been obtained from Osama bin Laden was recovered from the compound.It is not clear that the strytfur this information to the government of Pakistan or not. But think tank, a member of the 'E-mail said in this information in the government of Pakistan will not give because they could not believe.Strytfur chief George Friedman, said in a statement after the computer was hacked.Thinking that if any information that will be very important to be disappointed.

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