Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Libya: 'armed militias threaten stability'

Nissan rights organization Amnesty International has warned that the armed militia groups in Libya, are becoming a threat to security and stability.

According to the organization, the militia group, the remnants of the rebel groups who have taken up arms against the army of former President Colonel Gazafi in Libya, but now the western group, are working without any fear and illegal detention of civilians, torture and such steps are involved in the murder.

Amnesty International said in its report that since September eleven two thousand people have been killed at least twelve.These armed groups were detained.

Libyan leader Colonel Cazafi report against aged one year of completion has been issued.
Last month the UN's top human rights official, Navi to play said,Libyan armed groups in detention centers around six and a half more than eight thousand people have been imprisoned former ruler Colonel Gaddafi, most of whom are accused of being loyal to.
 Libya's armed militia groups ymnsty say, especially black Africans, immigrants are being targeted and the interim government has failed to stop them.
The interim government says it is trying to assert their authority.However, according to reporters, he has failed to put a hold on the armed groups.
Last month, the BBC and the capital Tripoli, Libya's third largest city in the south of the city msrath gryan by these armed groups were seen evidence of violence.
Colonel Gazafi in Libya on Friday aged over one year's uprising against and celebrations across the country have.
However, Amnesty International said Gaddafi with NATO to end the rebel groups, some of now involved in human rights violations.
During the arrest report ymnsty people hanging upside down, ordinary whips, wires, poles and chains hit and is a significant shock to.
Organization's senior adviser dunatyla Rivera talking to the AP news agency said, these militias have been responsible not wait 'The report said that a detention center in Tripoli, investigators found four prisoners who had been severely tortured.In Libya in January and February of this report is based on the research.
Gazafi in Libya's removal after three months of clashes between various armed groups continue 

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