Monday, 27 February 2012

War on terror is far from

In Mumbai during the terrorist attacks were caught alive only Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir butcher sub-Court sentenced to death by the Bombay High Court confirmation of India a healthy is a proof of the judiciary. The central interior P Chidambaram has rightly said that the decision of the Indian judicial system increased Dignity. . Indian judicial system for the increase in the prestige that has not been Ajmal Amir butcher has been sentenced to death. But it was for the Ajmal butcher in this action also say it all. It was given the chance to his lawyer and allowed to his statement that it again and again the change has been extended. They never Say that the murder of a never did not say that several days before it attacks had been arrested. In addition to this, the court action the attitude of the court very pragmatically and is tantamount to contempt. However, the bar, on the web camera wholesale was blamed for the graphic video. In spite of this, the court has deprived him say it. Even the lawyers of the two exchange. But it was never said that it not be allowed to lawyer.

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