Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Call a strike against inflation in India

To improve the work environment in India, the demand of inflation and the sale of property of the strike on Tuesday against The has been in which it is expected that hundreds of thousands of people will take part.The strike call for support of India's big trade unions and the thousands of small unions.

It is feared that the strike, transport, and bank Post Office will be severely affected.
However, the schedule of the Indian trains affected is not likely to be seen, although price in India in December fell 9 percent from a decimal. However, it is still 7 percent and a half. India at the end of the financial year in March expected that growth rate to 7 percent will be in the past, that is, 9 percent predicted.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh government to its budget deficit for the government is selling to companies which Trade Unions criticized severely.Other demands of the people in overcoming inflation, which they are not workers Union in social security, and to provide labor implementation of laws.West Bengal and kerala,Tripura Communist parties where there is a deep influence It is feared that normal life from the strike will be severely affected.

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