Monday, 20 February 2012

Iraq: 24 killed in suicide attacks, one of them to prepare for the prosecution of al-Hashemi-in absentia

Tel 24 Iraqis and 25 others were injured in separate attacks in and north of Baghdad, including a suicide car bomb attack targeting the entrance to the police academy east of the capital, killing 15 people dead. It highlights the recurrence of attacks how the security situation remains fragile in the country about two months after the withdrawal of US forces.

A source in the Iraqi ministry of interior that' a suicide bomber driving a car bomb attacked the entrance to the police academy in Palestine Street, killing 15 people and injuring 21 others were injured. He pointed out that most of the victims are young people, including a number of students, as they were getting ready to provide their papers in order to join the police).
Security forces were deployed heavily on the scene of the attack and prevented cars and passers-by from approaching it. This attack is the biggest since January 27 while the second was killed at least 31 people were killed and at least 60 others in a suicide car bomb attack that targeted Tshyya at zafaraniyah district south of Baghdad.

Usually, adopts the Organization of the State of Iraq (Islamic), sect. Iraqi to organize (al-Qaeda), these attacks.Earlier, seven Iraqis were killed, including three women from one family in two armed attacks that targeted a house checkpoint, police forces and Al-Sahwa, north of Baghdad. Pioneer said an officer in Baquba police that (an armed group suspected of belonging to al-Qaeda attacked a house in the district of teachers in central Baquba).
He added that (the attackers were killed in the house three women and a man from one family were cooperating with police as they provide security information). The Ministry of Interior Minister also announced on its website that the Iraqi police found (two unidentified bodies, the first of a man and one a woman... Shot by gunshots in the area of the head) in Sadr City, north of Baghdad.
Meanwhile, an official source announced in the Iraqi presidency that (the presidency of the Republic of Iraq ratified today (yesterday) to the provisions of the execution of the right of a terrorist convicted 33 of the judiciary العراقي). He explained that the' provisions became final will be transmitted to the Ministry of Justice for their implementation).
Al-Hashemi to crimes 
On the other hand, the judiciary announced charged with investigating the cause of the Iraqi Vice-President is required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi-assignment of the last to the criminal court for trial in absentia. channel broadcast (Iraqi), the official Space' judicial investigative panel transmitted-Ahmed al-Hashemi Qahtan to the criminal court for trial in absentia was completed in three crimes investigated), however, clarify the nature of those crimes.Official Spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Abdel Sattar Al-Berkdar, said at a press conference held last Thursday that al-Hashemi and a number of his bodyguards were involved in 150 armed operation including the explosion of the wheels and explosive devices and firing missiles and assassinations.
and started the Organization (MKO) Iranian opposition Saturday to move from their camp in the city of Ashraf in Diyala province to a new headquarters near Baghdad, in a step the United Nations had hoped to pave the way for the settlement of the organization elements outside Iraq.

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