Thursday, 17 May 2012

War crimes' trial began on mladc

Bosnian lead army commander Mladc ratko war crimes against humanity and genocide and crimes against the 11 allegations case under the start on Wednesday.The decade of 90 of the last big criminal Balkan war are The Netherlands Hague city in the United Nations war crimes court in the case.
In 1995 Srbntza seven thousand Muslims in the area of men and boys in to play a key role is accused of
70-year-old Ratko mladc for 15 years after the last year in may lead hands of the army, which was arrested after the Hague were sent to them. In the same jail go where they are waiting for the former political leader Raduuan Kardc were kept in 2008.Kardc to was arrested on the case is being Mladc. judicial officials in the case on behalf of the lawyers of delay reject applications. Mladc recently to the hearing of the case to the Dutch judge Alphonse ivory to change the application which was rejected.The number of allegations against ملادچ almost half for this has been the case against them so that action can be rapidly. In this case the prosecution than four hundred statements of 9. It is alleged that the Muslims and the Bosnian Kruts genocide against the campaign of 1992 and beginning of a campaign in 1995 1000 Point rise in East Bosnian Srbntza incident where thousands of Muslim men were buried in mass graves was." On Mladc Bosnian capital of sarajevo continued for forty-four months and also accused to siege during the sarajevo in more than 10 thousand people were killed.

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