Thursday, 10 May 2012

The United States for Al-Qaeda 'Yemen major risk'

America's Federal Investigation Agency agency FBI Director Robert commander jeffery miller, has said that the biggest threat to the United States of Yemen extremists of Al-Qaeda.The FBI streamlined management system set of American members of the parliament told the special committee has been formed that planes failed to blow up a conspiracy of several things are clear.
The FBI, the Al-Qaida a spy plane blow up the American passengers of the conspiracy to extremists, included in their planning was unsuccessful.He said that plane to blow up in the explosion of a recent attempt to tells us that their supervision need to increase the capability. He said that the new investigators underware bomb check.commander jeffery miller said that after the failure of conspiracy is that the U.S. government out of the United States, the present on foreigners will keep electronic way danger for the United States.In 2008, the parliament in this regard was made a law of the end of this year period has been in the parliament. commander jeffery miller from the application of the law on time and increase. The director of the FBI has been failed in a conspiracy in use of the bomb, said that giving details about the use of the bombs used to Al-Qaeda.commander jeffery miller said 'The  bomb 2009 like this in a conspiracy of the bomb used in modern shape.

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