Thursday, 10 May 2012

Red Cross: 'review' presence in Pakistan

International relief organization Red Cross (ICRC) has said that health manager Khalil Rsjd deal after the death of his organization to continue its activities in Pakistan.

In the south Asia of the operations for the Jackson headquarters, Mao said on Thursday, said in a statement that in Pakistan On the basis of human Compassion the relief of the organization and after the recent attack their staff to the dangers we to continue its activities for the departments were forced to review.He said that the immediate steps have been taken in which the ICRC offices situated in Peshawar and Karachi in has been stopped work.In Islamabad, in Pakistan, the spokesman of contacted Arshad Yusufzai, he said that in Pakistan for the first time the ICRC workers the violence killed after Which was the dead body was recovered from Quetta last week, which help ICRC it is taking in Pakistan that they are safe or notaccording to them, on Thursday in this regard it has been decided that the offices of Quetta and Peshawar we indefinitely suspended for.On the question that the decision to project in Pakistan will be affected, he said that after the death of Khalil deal in Quetta were closed our office after which offices situated in Peshawar and Karachi also has been shut down. He said that his organization in Peshawar the biggest project is a surgical hospital where the victims are given aid to. He further said that the affected people in the Khyber tribal areas Pakhtoon whether or not people of Afghanistan aid to some people.In response to a question, he said that their activities in Pakistan to start again and are to review the week which can take again after activities can be started. On the other hand, the leader of the Pakistani delegation of the Paul Cassell says that health program manager in Balochistan Khalil Rsjd deal in the death of operations after already there have been stopped.He said that the fact that the whole feeling that our steps in Pakistan because of injured, ill, Physically handicapped and other affected people will be affected by our relief operation.He said that at present we are to review the situation and their presence in Pakistan in weeks and any decision regarding the setup. It should be remembered that Dr. Khalil deal on January 5 this year from Quetta was kidnapped after unknown persons in the Taliban, while accepting the responsibility of the 10 million rupees for ransom.
The police had kidnapped four months to the international relief organization of Red Cross officials of Quetta body had received last month. Khalil deal after the kidnapping of the ICRC in Balochistan of Health work on different projects was closed while other international organizations have also reduced their activities.

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