Monday, 7 May 2012

North Waziristan: 9 security personnel killed.

Pakistan's tribal region of North Waziristan agency head mrannshah extremists in nine security personnel were killed in the attack and 10 were injured.

 Pakistan's official television department of the army, the general relations mrannshah told that extremists in the response of the security forces after the attack in action many extremists were killed and 20 injured near.Security forces in the area on the whereabouts of extremists from helicopters .Such information that are in the attack on a vehicle with at least two people have been killed.In the area on Saturday morning and evening curfew is continuing by firing.Local people said that on Sunday, a mrannshah city and other areas, such as Datta Khel and Bannu on the roads on the curfew and the security forces on Sunday also convoy during a curfew.Meanwhile in Pakistan's Tribal agency Okerzai military action during the extremists on the whereabouts of the bombing of the security forces have received information on the government level but it could not be confirmed.In North Waziristan. It is thought that even before this attack on the army many times.

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