Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Libyan rebels attacked the Prime Minister's Office

In the capital Libya negotiator Ali interim Prime Minister's office armed people attacked in which at least one bodyguard was killed and four people were wounded.More than 200 armed men with mortar, Prime Minister's office. However, stormed the building security personnel succeeded in Defense.
The former rebel armed people who are concerned, the end of an old Gaddafi power in the fighting. These people on prize money by were demandingPrime Minister Abdul Rahim time of the attack. The building but they were present an advisor, said that they are safe. The Prime Minister to attack on the office announced by the rebels last year the prize money to stop angry on.A government servant told the news agency, APP, 'told many people surrounded the building and started firing. Some people in the building and he has also entered the firing there is present in the building,said, most people succeeded in running away from the Finance Minister and deputy prime ministerOn behalf of the rebels in negotiator Ali present not only money but also During the uprising of the wounded rebels outside the country may be treatment is being demanded
by the government. prize scheme was closed last month in the deceptive because the allegations were in front. Colonel Gaddafi against the government of Libya to surrender the instability in the country to thousands of rebels threat of non-armed is trying to.

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