Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Taliban And NATO,too too main main

Afghanistan Taliban and foreign forces in the fighting between fields is from now on twitter also has reached.
In the battlefield to fight each other for the loss of life is impress twitter while on the purpose of each other and success to prove false claims to have the support of the people know.On Tuesday morning of 22 may 'Emirates' spokesman of Islamic Afghanistan considered by the Abdalqhar blky through twitt claimed that Farooq named 'explosives with the help of the EDO (of Afghanistan) eight O'clock in the morning local time in International Security Assistance Force (ESAF) The tank and was riding in the four attack and were killed by helicopter.'was taken out of the three hours after the media اESAF Twitter account to 'ESAFreporting that the killings of your claim is denied and the other the you are."today Two hours after the account Abdalqhar blky it was said in the reply to that of 'ESAF reporting to reliable when necessary, is now?? Do you all day in denial of the claims are?"after about 45 minutes by اESAF answer to you, it was said that 'denied the news. What's your claim that the 15 deaths ESAF reporting. According to the deaths of today are zero'.The claims and counter claims This is the first occasion of. It to each other on twitter face as false.

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