Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Extremists'contact with MI', investigation by

The security organizations in Pakistan intelligence agencies, according to sources, the law-enforcing personnel of more than 20 extremists alleged links with the investigation in the case have startedinvestigation. These people to terrorism in various cases of arrested people after the investigation has been initiated.
According to sources, during an investigation in front of the police officers have come in the sub-inspector constable bray from bray officers.The officials of the majority in the department, while a few of the Rangers said.Government sources said that the arrested people belonging to different banned organizations It is said that accused inside the jail Hfyh organizations have been questioning the central jails of Quetta and Peshawar days in the Adiala Jail of Rawalpindi Central Jail and the imprisonment in Bahawalpur.It is said that extremist activities for most people involved in the Punjab Province in Bahawalpur jail sentenceof Punjab jail. The most safe in jails is a concept and to various parts of the country to punishment in cases of religious xtremism to the culprits who has been transferred to the jail.Officials of the law enforcing agencies questioned about the process of Interior Ministry and other concerned departments has been informed of these organizations and the people from questioning a reaction against The. Interior Secretary Khawaja Siddiq Akbar stand in this connection to find out many times but he contacted were not available.One of the army's official said on condition of anonymity told BBC that during the last one and a half years the security forces and other important places of attacks on people accused of investigation process started again When the time during the last few months and the federation of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Administered Tribal Troops in the areas to target in Balochistan In addition to the Frontier Corps in attacks on a intensity was arrested was the process of interrogation extremists last week has been started with the extremists during different times claimed that the law enforcing specifically during the area of relations with police officials They are important personalities in the city and the security forces and the officials of different routes also are information.In addition to this, important posts of government officers Holders movement information also.The law-enforcing officials of questioning is being in the same area where they are posted.It should be remembered that the first posted in different jails of government officials alleged life in prison with extremists Relations for the inquiry of the Interior Ministry has set up a committee to draw up its recommendations was the different jails of the country after the many officials responsible for the action against Implies that, however, these recommendations had recommended On was not implemented.

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