Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hunger Strike Palestinians in Israeli prisons

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in 1550, says the organization now in Israeli jails are on hunger strike.
 Doctors have voiced concern over the health of four of the prisoners. Two of them, Belal Diab and Hlahlh Tahir, has 63 days to protest the detention without trial have their strike.

Robert Falk, UN special rapporteur, the 'continuous violation of human rights in Israeli prisons'expressed concern and asked that Israel strike the Palestinian prisoners according to international standards of behavior.The last statement that the health status of all prisoners in Israeli jails as "desirable" is described.According to the Israeli group Physicians for Human Rights, the strike by six tons of prisoners without tried to live in temporary detention began. Then on April 17 in solidarity with other prisoners joined them.Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted the Palestinian organizations in Ramallah of the striking prisoners, as has nearly two thousand people.Member of Physicians for Human Rights on Monday Bilal Diab and Tahir Hlahlh Ramallah prison hospital has been inspected, telling them to come and gather the necessary medical care is compromised.And warns that "ear only drinks water, it is also less than one liter per day. This is a risk cardiac arrest. Tahir also can see signs of lung infection. Both of them should be transferred to a hospital equipped 

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