Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Libya: demonstration against independence

Colonel Gaddafi against the government of Libya to surrender the instability in the country to thousands of rebels threat of non-armed is trying to.
Libya cities of thousands of people in the east of protest against the tribal leader, who is half-independence last week announced,the participants of protest was raised slogans of national unity and tribal leader Ahmed Zubair alsynusy who send pictures of shoes on the separation was announced.
The protests in the capital Tripoli and the eastern town of Ghazni after Jumah prayers. Zubair Alsynusy said, with national leadership, the country's east, sayrnka called for the establishment of semi-autonomous region was prepared to negotiate.He was determined to establish a federal system and were willing to negotiate.
Libya's national tranzysnl Mustafa Abdul Al jaleel head of the interim government Council on Wednesday was broadcast on TV channel has been demanded of the talks in an address, said that the national unity by, even if it will be used. 

And negotiator Ali bin Ghazi protests in Friday before the show was told that in the country of independence.Negotiator Ali MArtar'In' Square protest demonstrations where people was an important center of Libya raised slogans in favor of unity. According to the reporters in the people of Libya former ruling Colonel Gaddafi Board back after the process of disappointment on the slow speed is found.

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