Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"America is digging Pakistan a scapegoat '

US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, extremists cooperation for peace agreement is across the border. If this is reality, our for why it is forbidden?,

Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani

The Pakistani Army Commander, Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani on the alleged that in Afghanistan to Pakistan on his Administration wants to whipping.
Khyber Pakhtunkhawa capital of province of Pakistan in Peshawar Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani told the News agency Associated Association, said that the United States in Afghanistan by the extremists of talks with Pakistan in the land of all extremists on against the expected to be kept.Peshawar Corps Commander Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani said: 'they (America) on his fingers why we have raised their fault, and put on.,Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani said 'What Taliban in Afghanistan has finished? There are hundreds of thousands of Taliban, tensions.It should be noted that the Pakistani army commander of the statement of a time has come when yesterday in North Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan militants have beheaded 13 Pakistani soldiers.The United States and NATO forces in North Waziristan Pakistan has taken the stand that Pakistan and Afghanistan on the border of target all extremist groups.He said that Pakistani soil to bear the Afghan extremists or support of foreign forces in Afghanistan to stop operations against the problems they are facing.General Rabbani said 'US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, extremists to peace agreement to cooperate. Across the border, even if it is a fact, then why our for?"negative. It should be remembered that last November with Afghan border, Pakistani army post NATO forces in the attack on 24 Pakistani troops were killed after diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the United States of tension.The attack on the tantrum demanded an apology from the United States in Afghanistan and was appointed to the NATO forces closed their land. However, NATO and the United States after the investigation on the attack misapprehensive as refused to apology.

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