Thursday, 10 May 2012

Damascus blast: 40 dead, one hundred seventy injured.

Syria, according to the official TV channel in Damascus capital in two detained as a result of at least 40 people were killed and 70 people have been injured, and the government.According to the TV news, armed extremists' bomb attack' on TV, and the government has taken after the bomb blasts shown seems to be from the scenes from the blasts.

The bomb blasts in Syria during the anti-government movement far explosions, in the bomb blasts devastating blast capital Damascus. The south region in Alqazaz Syria during the anti-government movement in Damascus in the last few months many bomb attacks have been targeted."In the last week of April before the mosque near in a suicide attack at least 10 people were killed.French news agency AFP, according to the UN peace plan in Syria, head of the Major General Robert mode blasts to visit places. According to reports, the first explosion on Thursday According to the local time, was eight O'clock in the morning when the people from their houses were going to work.

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