Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bajaur blast: Five killed, two injured

Bajur tribal region in Pakistan, according to the officials, the agency two remote controlled bomb blasts five people including three security personnel were killed and two were injured.
According to local authorities Thursday morning at eight o'clock in the blast near the Pak-Afghan border in a district chmar Qand.A government official in Bajaur nybtaya the remote control roadside bombs were planted near a shop.He said that the first explosion but there was no damage on the spot after the incident, the security personnel and civilians in large number. He said that during the almost 20 minutes after the break, there was a blast and five people were killed and two injured.Those who were killed in Two FC, a pretty-force personnel and 2 civilians were hospetal cocksspur headquarters. The injured to the agency has been transferred.Local people said the dead included two members of the anti-Taliban local hosts.He said that apparently target of attacks, it seems that the Lashkar-e-government supporters.Pak-Afghan border believed that cmr candy sugar district is located approximately three to four kilometers.Security forces in Bajaur Agency by operations against militant groups after the security situation has improved significantly.Before the agency several years in the law and order situation during this very bad and 4 million homeless people also were forced. However, now most of the victims have been back to their areas but still a large number of the area affected people living in camps.Victims often said that the Bajaur area of uncertainty remains as kfyt on the business activities that could not be restored completely.

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