Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Mr. President, my life is in your hands'

Al Qaeda in the Pakistan city of Lahore American citizen to be kidnapped wine Stan Warren has released a video in which U.S. President Barack Obama's request to accept the demands of the militant group is shown.

Seventy-year-old wine to Stein Model Town area of ​​Lahore in August last year I was kidnapped from his residence and later al-Qaeda had claimed responsibility for kidnapping them.The messages to be extremists on the site of the video According to Al-Qaeda on Sunday by the media cell Al Shaab jihadi forums was released on.In this video has been shown wearing Shalwar Kameez and addressing to the US president has been saying that 'Mr. President my life is in your hands demands. If you are in, and it will keep alive, I will have been in'.
He has also said that 'It is important that you President obama) As soon as possible to accept demands to delay and delay. There is no use only my problems and the only will increase'.In December last year extremist organizations in a message on the web site of the leader of Al Qaeda 840 Baluchistan stan in exchange for the freedom, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and air and ڈرون attack in Yemen and the members of the Al-Qaeda had demanded the release.After the kidnapping of 840 stain his organization has reservations about their health in the video. 840 stan his wife to addressing also has been shown to and they are saying that 'I'm good and taking his medicines. My care is being'KCNA said, Stain of 840 American Maryland and he has to work in a country director of the American company. 

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