Monday, 7 May 2012

Karzai has condemned the Taliban in Kabul

Afghan President Karzai told a news broadcast on enemies armed attack that killed and wounded several people, including schoolchildren in Kabul has strongly denounced.
Newsletter has said that among the five injured victims Qablbay school students is also included.The President Karzai to attack the work enemies of peace and the people of Afghanistan and has considered it fair that has addressed.Mr. Karzai has said that the terrorist act except hatred, shame, and  in the Hereafter will not be achieved by something else.Posada on a number of terrorists using a car full of explosive material in front of a military camp that related American forces had committed suicide and was in the camp with military forces were involved in the result of a few hours after the clashes were brought in.
The Taliban in contact with the media are responsible for this event has undertaken and has claimed that an attack in reaction to the signing of a document  relations between Afghanistan and America have been done.

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