Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Syrian army on charges of war crimes

The international human rights organization has alleged that the Syrian forces of 12th April before cease commit war crimes.
Human Rights Watch says that Adleep province in the vicinity of fighting under the international law' was 'armed conflict can be included in all parties and armed conflict to the international rules to the ban. Workers of the opposition said that the rebels were ambushed in the attack, security forces 15 policemen have been killed Syrian army in the north and smear-free were two rebels were killed in the attack.Human Rights Watch says,There is clear evidence that the ongoing negotiations for a ceasefire in April were about.Even when the Syrian army and the death toll continues to sylugun house was destroyed.The organization has said that the March and April end in the beginning of the Syrian forces imposed hundreds of homes on fire and at least 95 people were killed.According to the organization, it appears that the Syrian army before the cease of more and more damage to the full moment.In the report on pages in northern adleep deaths dozens of citizens and property has been destroyed, which details of the categories of war crimes.According to the report, the security forces without any legal justification to dozens of people in custody.It is said in the report that President Bashar on behalf of the release of political prisoners despite pledges of two-thirds of political prisoners in jails.The United Nations and the Arab League's special emissary Kofi Annan prepared by the peace plan by April 12 under the cease to was started after the reduction in violence, however, has been posted in Syria The United Nations inspectors say that the collision and the two sides is still in the urban areas of heavy weapons that are using cease.The Syrian official violence and killings in the country for the foreign 'supported' to terrorists, responsible

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